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Whore! Magazine is project under development. It is presently…

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Whore! Magazine is project under development. It is presently conceived to be a quaterly print publication slated to be launched in winter 2007.

Whore! Magazine will be dedicated to celebrating the current and historical qualities of women who have defined a role for themselves outside the status quo. Through the written word, art, design, fashion and music, Whore! Magazine will create a dialogue about what women are as opposed to what traditional society has dictated they should be. Whore! will also seek to explore issues largely untouched by mass media while reclaiming a derogatory word that has been used to censure those who would desire, express, and resist. By virtue of her freedom and right to choose, today’s woman would certainly have been branded a “whore” in past centuries. We intend to recognize those modern women who aspire to experience rather than "goodness" and continue to fight an age-old battle against expectation.

Dorothy Parker famously quipped, "You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think." We love Dorothy but we intend to prove that thinking is indeed what we do best.

My name is Ginger and I'm the editor of the magazine. We hope that this journal will be a place to explore and develop ideas that will shape the publication and its focus.
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